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Game menu

Here you will find access to the main menu. View all games (Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Guts & Big 2, PAN, 13 Card, BlackJack , Casino Games and Sit n Go's), click on each tab and find all tables available for each game.

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All tournaments are available in this section. Check out our daily scheduled tournaments under the Regular tab, our tournament qualifiers under Satellites and our Freerolls or invitational tournaments under Freerolls.

Option 3

Game ID

Is used to identify the game that is being played or registered for. In the event your tournament has a problem, remember this Game ID number for verification.

Option 4

Table Name

Displays the name of each available table.

Option 5


This column tells how much a player will have to pay in order to enter into the tournament. You will notice most entry fees come in a specific format. For example $2.00 + $.50. What this means is the tournament entry fee is $2.00. The remaining $.50 is the house take. The house fee replaces standard rake in tournament play. So, the total Buy-In would be $2.50 with $2 going to the tournament prize pool.

Option 6


Gives the current state of the table in question. Announced, registering or running.

Option 7

Plrs (Players)

This column shows the number of registered players currently waiting for the tournament to begin.

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