Playing the Game FAQ

Q. How do I sit down at a table?
A. To sit down at a table you must follow these simple steps:

  • Log into
  • Select which game you wish to play (Texas Hold'em or Omaha... etc.)
  • Select the type of game you with to play (Limit, No-Limit or Tournament)
  • Find the table stakes you wish to play at ($1/$2 or $25 N/L … etc.)
  • Click the Join table button and the table will open
  • If there is an empty seat (signified by a “Sit Down” plaque) click on the plaque to sit down.

Q. I am just learning poker. Where can I play for free before I begin playing for real money?
A. You can play for play money anytime you wish. Your account is automatically credited $1,000 in play money the first time you sign in. Simply click on the DEMO MONEY ACTION button on the left of the lobby screen and then select the game and table type from the lists that appear.

Q. I have run out of play money! How do i get more?
A. If you have less than $100 in play money, you can simply log out of your account and log back in, and your balance will be reset to $1,000.

Q. How do I find the instruction on how to play the game when sitting at the table?
A. If you are having difficulty with the instructions on how to play the game, while sitting at the table click on the '?' button and you will be directed to the page that describes how to play that game.

Q. How do I leave the table without losing all the money I have won?
A. If you decide the leave the table at any time, your money will automatically be returned to your account. However if you are in the middle of a hand you will forfeit whatever money you have on the table.

Q. Do you charge players to sit at the real money tables? How does make money?
A. No, ThePanClub does not charge players directly to sit at real money tables. makes its money by charging a small percentage of rake for every hand played. This rake is a very small amount and always has a cap. The standard rake charged is 5% with a general cap of $3. Please note that rake is not charged on tournament hands.

Q. What do I do if the table I have chosen has no available seats?
A. Every table has the ability to have a waiting list, providing it is full. If a table has the maximum number of players sitting at it simply click on the 'Join Waiting List' button and you will be entered into a queue for that table. When your turn in the queue comes, you will be prompted with a message that tells you that your seat is available. You will then have 60 seconds to sit down in that seat. If you take longer than 60 seconds to sit down your seat will either be given to the next person in the queue or the next person to click to sit down in that seat.

Q. Can I play more than one table?
A. You can play at a maximum of 4 tables at any one time!

Q. What is the Buddy List? How does it work?
A. Any social activity is more enjoyable with friends, so developed the Buddy List. If you enjoy playing or communicating with certain players, you can make them a regular part of your play.

To access the Buddy List, click on the Lobby menu then select Buddy List. From there you can add and remove buddies, or join a buddy's table.

Q. How do I bring more money to the table?
A. You can bring more money to the table by clicking on the '$' button on the table and then typing in how much money you wish to bring to the table.

Q. How do I check my hand statistics when I am on the table?
A. You can check your hand statistics while you are playing by clicking on the 'View Statistics' button at the top of the table. Clicking this will open a small window that displays the following statistics:

  • Flop percentage from the small blind, big blind, on the button and other positions
  • Number of pots won
  • The statistics of how often you folded

Q. The slider won't bet the exact amount I want? How do I bet a precise amount?
A. The slider will increase and decrease in increments dependent on the amount of money you have. However, an easy approach would be to use the number pad on your keyboard and type in the amount you want to bet in the text field right above the slider.


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