Network and Connection FAQ

Q. Why do I sometimes experience a slow/interrupted connection?
A. Keep in mind that your location, Internet traffic, background downloading, as well as other variables can contribute to a slow connection. Try to keep these at a minimum so that your play will be as smooth as possible.

Your Internet connection is rated in the following order, Good>Fair>Poor>None. This information is provided within the game window in the lower left hand corner. If you are disconnected while playing in a game, you have the entire game duration to reconnect and return to that game.

Q. I have a firewall and seem to be unable to connect to
A. If you are behind a firewall and are able to view web pages, there should be no problems connecting to However, if you are using a Non-NAT firewall that is blocking outgoing connections, you will need to open outgoing TCP/IP port 8085

Q. I have a fast internet connection, but the cards are moving at a very slow rate. How can I fix this?
A. Under the “Options” menu there is a selection that reads “Animation Refresh Rate”. If your refresh rate has selected Medium as a default, select a higher rate and this will speed up the movement of the cards.

Q. What happens if I disconnect from the internet while I am playing a game?
A. If you are disconnected from the Internet while playing a game there are two possible outcomes. The first outcome is that if you are not involved in the hand that is currently being played; if you have not made a bet yet, and you disconnect, you will simply have your cards folded and you will then placed as sitting out. The second outcome is if you are involved in the hand; you have made a bet, and you disconnect, you will be put as 'all in'. This does not mean that you will have all of your money put into the pot; it simply means you will only be eligible for the money in the pot up until that point. A separate pot will be created for you and you will be able to win this money, even if you are no longer connected. Regardless of whether or not you win the hand, if you still have not successfully reconnected to you will be placed as sitting out.

Q. What are All-ins and how do they work?
A. All-Ins are 'free passes' that allow you a special privilege if you become disconnected. You are only issued 2 of these during your game time. If you wish to receive more All-Ins please click on the “Options” menu and then click on the “Reset All-Ins”. This will send a message to Customer Support and they will reset your All-Ins.


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