Getting Started FAQ

Q. How do I start playing at
A. Please begin by downloading the software off our web site by clicking on the download button. On the commencement of the download you will be prompted to either "Save or Open" the program. If you choose to Save it, Save it on the desktop so it may be easily located. If you decide to Open the download, the installation process will begin upon completion of the download. If you have decided to Save the program to the desktop, after finishing downloading run the program to begin installation. If you encounter any problems during the download or installation process please contact Customer Support immediately by clicking on the Live Help button or by sending an email to

Q. I have finished the installation, now how to do I get to the games?
A. Once you have completed the installation, the software will need to upgrade to the most current version. This process will take place immediately upon completion of the installation. Please make sure that you do not stop this upgrade process at anytime, as doing so will result in a corruption of the software and will require you to uninstall the program and then reinstall. Once you have upgraded the software you will be brought to the lobby with a list of the games.

Q. I submitted my registration but I didn't get a confirmation email. Does that mean I can't start playing?
A. No, the confirmation email is simply to verify your account, this is needed in order to start playing with real money, but to start your play you can go to the play tables to practice before you get the confirmation. Once you receive your confirmation email and click on the link, it means your account has been successfully verified and you are cleared to proceed with real money transactions.

If you do not receive an email confirming your registration confirmation within 15 minutes, please click on the Live Help button to be connected with a Customer Support Representative or if you wish to send an email, send it to If you are sending an email, please provide a brief description of the nature of your problem. works vigorously to resolve all customer issues and concerns in a timely manner.

Q. I have registered for my account but I cannot login.
A. There are several possible reasons that you cannot login. The first possible reason is that it may be possible you are entering your password incorrectly, passwords are case sensitive. That means if you originally entered your password with capitals you must re-enter it with capitals. The second possible reason you may not be able to login is because you are using an incorrect user name. Please make sure that you are using the exact user name you provided when you registered. If you are still having troubles, and none of the above tips help, please click on the Live Help button and you will be immediately connected with a Customer Support Representative, or you wish to send an email please send an email to

Q. Can I create an account on this computer for my mother/brother/spouse?
A. Yes, but for your security,'s software has security built into it, so that after you have registered a maximum of three accounts for separate individuals within a household, you will not be allowed to register another account on that same computer.

Q: How can I change my account Sign in Name?
A. Unfortunately does not allow users to change their sign in names. Due to security reasons this feature is not available. However, under special circumstances such as you have used your real name as your sign in, or you are being harassed by other players, please send an email to we will consider your request to change your Sign in Name.

Q. OH NO! My friend found out my password! How can I change it?
A. You are able to change your password from the game lobby by clicking on "Options", then "Change Personal Information". Your default web browser will then open. Once there you will be asked to provide your existing Password and your desired new Password.


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