Abuse or Harassment Help FAQ

Q. I am being abused at the tables! What can I do?
A. Firstly we'd like to apologize profusely for the abuse you have suffered. We do not condone this behavior in any way. We ask that you report this person (or persons) immediately. Abuse does not just consist of swearing and racial slurs. Abuse also includes: harassment, provoking, constant pestering, revealing private or personal information about a user and threatening. You may contact us in several ways to report this injustice. First you may send an email to support@thepanclub.com, or you may click on the Live Help button and you will be immediately connected with a Customer Support representative.

Q. Someone is swearing constantly at the table. What can I do about them?
A. thepanclub.com employs language filters that remove unacceptable words from the text of somebody's chat. We work very hard to keep a 'Family Environment', however often times this is near impossible because of the variations of swearing available to users. If any player is swearing profusely please feel free to contact support immediately. You can contact them at support@thepanclub.com or by clicking on the Live Help button.

Q. Two players are colluding at the table. What can I do to stop them?
A. thepanclub.com does everything in its power to stop or limit colluding. Anyone that suspects that players are colluding or witnesses' players colluding should contact support immediately. Collusion is what happens when a player either controls more than one player at a table, or two (or more) players are discussing their hands, and know what each other has. Please send an email to support@thepanclub.com with both user names.


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