Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold'em is the easiest poker game to play at ThePanClub.com. In this game, five community cards are dealt to the center of the table, visible to every Player. Each Player receives two 'secret' cards as well.

Rules and Game Course

When a table opens, the dealer button will first be allocated. Cards will be dealt so that the Player left to the dealer button receives the first card, with the deal going clockwise around the table until every Player has received two secret (or Hole) cards. Secret means that only the Player can see their cards. Before the cards are dealt, the two Players to the left of the dealer button post their blinds. After dealing the cards, the first betting round starts with the first Player to the left of the blinds. This Player will have three options:

  • Fold – to quit this hand.
  • Call – to match the bet amount, in this case, the blind.
  • Raise – to increase the bet amount.

After the Player has made a decision, play continues clockwise around the table, giving every Player the same three options.

After finishing this first betting round, there comes:

The Flop

Three cards will be dealt as community (or common) cards in the center of the table, so that every Player can see them. This allows every Player to combine their two Hole cards with the three community cards in the middle of the table. The second betting round starts with the first Player to the left of the dealer button, who has two options:

  • Check – to opt not to bet, with the action then moving to the next Player.
  • Bet – to put chips in the pot. If a Player chooses to bet, the fold, call and raise options become possible.

After finishing the second betting round, there comes:

The Turn

A fourth community card is dealt in the center of the table. The third betting round follows in the same way as the second. After finishing the third betting round, there comes:

The River

A fifth and final community card is dealt in the center of the table. After this comes the fourth and final betting round, equal to the rules of the previous. For all Players who have called, there comes:

The Showdown

This is when the Hole cards of all Players are shown, with the highest hand winning the pot.

ThePanClub.com software can determine whether you are disconnected from the Internet during a hand. Should this occur, your hand would play and lay claim to the portion of the pot that you have contributed to, up to and until the disconnection.
You will notice in the game that you have a preset 'all-in' account. This account has in it TWO (2) all-ins allowed in a 24-hour period. Should this happen more than twice in a 24-hour period, you can ask to have this account reset by emailing Customer Support and requesting an all-in re-set. Should this become a regular occurrence, please email Customer Support for suggestions on increasing the reliability of your connection.
If we determine that you are connected to the game, your hand will be folded. This is done to protect the integrity of the game. Furthermore, if we feel that the 'All-In' policy is being abused, this will be addressed, and 'All-In' privileges may be revoked.
Players should exercise caution when both 'All-ins have been used. Until your account of 'all-ins' has been reset, your hand may be folded during an Internet disconnection and you will not be able to lay any claim to the hand or the pot you were involved with immediately prior to the disconnection.

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