Chinese Poker

In Chinese Poker, each Player is dealt 13 cards. The object of the game is to arrange them into three groups consisting of three cards (the front group), five cards (the middle group), and five cards (the back group). Once you have arranged your cards, you then compare each group against those of other Players. Each group of yours that ranks higher than your opponent's corresponding group earns you 1 unit. After each hand the dealer button moves one place to the left.

A player's back group must be stronger than his middle hand, and his middle group must be stronger than his front group. Otherwise, the player pays a penalty to each opponent for "wrong arrangement". Please note that in the event of a player having a flush or a straight with cards of the same rank in more than one hand, the suit of the high card determines which the stronger hand is and thus where the hand must be placed. Suits rank as follows: ♠, , ♣, .

Only 3 group-types are possible for the front group: 3-of-a-Kind, pair, and high card. Straights and flushes typically don't count (see Clean Sweeps Groups).

Clean Sweep Groups

A Clean Sweep is one of several groups with a special ranking that wins automatically. Here they are in descending order.

The Highest Rank 13 Colors 13 cards of one suit 13
2 nd Highest Rank Dragon One of every rank 13
3 rd Highest Rank 12 Colors Exactly 12 cards of one suit + kicker 8
4 th Highest Rank 3-of-a-kind + 5 Pairs (4-of-a-Kind can count as 2 pair) 4
5 th Highest Rank 3 Straights Straights in front, middle, and back 4
6 th Highest Rank 3 Flushes Suited cards in front, middle, and back 3
7 th Highest Rank 6 Pairs (4-of-a-Kind can count as 2 pair) 3

If you have a Clean Sweep, click Submit Natural. If multiple players have Clean Sweep groups, the higher ranking group wins the total unit value for that group; the value for the lower ranking Clean Sweep group won't be subtracted (eg. Player A has Dragon and Player B has 6 Pairs. Player A wins 13 points from Player B). If 2 Clean Sweep groups have the same ranking, they tie. No money is exchanged between these 2 players, but they collect from the others. If you don't declare a Clean Sweep, it plays as a regular group.

Say you're dealt
the following cards:
You could arrange them
like this:

The back hand, a straight flush, beats the middle hand, 4-of-a-Kind, which beats the front hand, 3-of-a-Kind.

Once the hands are played, each player compares his 3 groups against those of each of the other players. So in a 4-player game, each player makes 3 separate comparisons, one against each other player.

You win 1 unit for each corresponding group of another player that you beat and lose 1 for each group that beats you. When the groups match, you neither win or lose.

Example of play

Don't forget, your back group goes head-to-head against each of the other players' back groups, middle vs middle, etc, so:

Player A


Player B


A vs. B
A wins every group.
A wins 3 units from B.

A vs. C
A wins the back.
C the middle and front.
C wins 1 unit from A.

A vs. D
D wins the back,
A the middle and front.
A wins 1 unit from D.

B vs. C
C wins every group.
C wins 3 units from B.

B vs. D
D wins the back and front,
B the middle.
D wins 1 unit from B.

C vs. D
D wins the back,
C the middle and front.
C wins 1 unit from D.

Player C

Player D

So tallying everything, A gains 3, B loses 7, C gains 5 and D loses 1.

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