Big2 Poker

Big 2 Poker was once popular only in China where it originated, but has slowly won the hearts of gaming enthusiasts around the globe. Big 2 Poker is usually played with four Players using a standardized fifty-two card deck of playing cards. The object of Big 2 Poker is to be the first Player to get rid of all of their cards by playing them alone, or in combination with other cards. The Big 2 Poker rules are fairly simple but mastering a successful Big 2 Poker can be challenging.

In Big 2 Poker, cards can legally be played as singles, pairs, triples or in groups of five. While hands of singles, pairs and triples are self-explanatory, groups of five can be made up of a flush, straight, full house, straight flush, or four of a kind. The order and power of suits in Big 2 Poker is as follows from highest to lowest: diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs.

Play begins by dealing counterclockwise from the deck. Most games of Big 2 Poker are played with four Players although there are variations on this. There is no particular way to decide who deals first, but in successive hands, the winner will also become the dealer of the next game. In Big 2 Poker, the cards are always cut by the Player to the dealer's right. The dealer deals the cards starting from the right, and dealing counterclockwise until each Player has 13 cards.

Play begins with the Player who holds the 3 of diamonds. Cards are played off each other in legal combinations as detailed above. Players may also choose to skip their turn. Cards are played into the middle of the table until one Player has no cards or until no Player can make a play. When one Player succeeds in playing all of their cards, that person is declared the winner.

After a winner is declared, all hands are scored. All non-winning Players are given penalty points based on the remaining cards in their hands. For hands containing nine or fewer cards, the penalty in Big 2 Poker is one point per card. Those hands with ten or more cards are given two penalty points per card, and those with all thirteen cards left at the end of the game are given a penalty of three points for each remaining card. In Big 2 Poker, the winner receives no penalty points at all. Before play commences, stakes are set at a certain amount, for instance $1 for each point. At the end of the hand, each Player pays the winner according to the number of points that they have been penalized with. So a Player who is 'caught' with eight cards would owe the winner $8, and so on.

There are many variations of Big 2 Poker, including games that are played in a clockwise fashion (which is especially common in the U.S.). Some games of Big 2 Poker will stipulate that the Player who is caught with the most cards at the end of the game will start the next game. Other variations may not include triples or flushes as legal combinations for game play, using only singles, pairs and combinations of five cards that include a straight, full house, and four of a kind. The penalties for being caught with cards, such as one point being raised to four points, etc., are also common among the different varieties of Big 2 Poker.

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